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Why I Joined Tomorrowmade

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Jose. I was born and raised in the Philippines and now live in Massachusetts. I’m a current sophomore at Tufts University majoring in International Relations and minoring in Chinese and Finance.

You may be a veteran of the industry or may have stumbled across this post on LinkedIn or social media. Regardless, I hope that my writing is able to shed some light on the industry and the work we are doing at Tomorrowmade. In each of these newsetters, I will discuss the latest happenings in Tomorrowmade and an update on what I’ve learned about the industry.

Jose and Logistics
Our industry is what keeps the world spinning. Every single industry that’s existed since the industrial revolution and will ever exist will rely on our expertise and reliability to ship anything from their raw materials to their completed products. Yet, our industry is a mess.

There is incredible fragmentation between carriers, shippers, and brokers – routine tasks such as finding the location of a truck involve emails and phone calls to multiple people to get an answer that may or may not be accurate.

Since there are multiple stakeholders involved with every shipment, it’s impossible to have centralized control over every step of the way – fragmentation often leads to general inefficiency.

This is the precise issue Tomorrowmade is striving to address: synchronizing information between multiple parties for more transparency and to cut down on time spent with administrative issues.

Happenings in Tomorrowmade: Why is Tomorrowmade special?
I had multiple job offers prior to joining the team – Tomorrowmade, however, was a start-up too exciting for me to turn down.

Tomorrowmade is unique; At its core, Tomorrowmade is a logistics company as much as it’s a tech company. Automation and the incorporation of technology are inevitable in every industry. Even if our industry has failed to embrace it thus far, this won’t be the case for long. Uber Freight and Amazon have made incredible strides by incorporating technology into their businesses.

Unlike these companies, however, it’s our philosophy that humans will not be phased out of this process entirely – what our technology does will enhance the process for carriers and shippers, and empower our brokers – this novel way of being able to book and track freight allows our employees and other companies to spend more time doing business and less time doing administrative tasks.

Ultimately, the balance between keeping traditional and personal aspects of interacting with a broker, and embracing consumer-facing tech allows Tomorrowmade to bridge the divide between the different segments of the industry.

There’s an old Wayne Gretzky quote that I love. “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.” That perfectly encapsulates exactly what Tomorrowmade is striving to do.

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